Moral Report

Moral Report 2017

On the 6th June 2013, on the initiative of Professor Olga Barruscotto, in order to honor  the memory of her sister Lidia by realizing the dream several times expressed by her, the “Foundation Olga and Lidia Barruscotto widow of Carlo Deambrosis Onluswas set up; it’s a non-profit organisation also namable in a shortened form “Olly Foundation”.

MISSION of the Foundation is pursuing social solidarity initiatives by supporting children and young people with physical, psychic and social disorders and/or general developmental and learning disorders in order to improve the chances of recovery of patients, including through co-therapies that integrate science with a holistic approach aimed at the global welfare of the person.

Furthermore, the Foundation  gives particularly attention to the care of children with ADHD syndrome, autism and leukaemia.


In line with the will of the founder, also this year Olly Foundation has chosen to be a financial partner of Angelino Foundation, supporting the costs of implementation of Laborarte Music and Color, which provides laboratories of Art and Music in collaboration with the Perosi Academy, intended for children aged 4 to 10 years in the premises of Palazzo Gromo Losa in Piazzo, Biella.

After the success of last year, also for the 2016-2017 school year, the Foundation will carry on the Project “WELL-BEING AT SCHOOL” that promotes the well-being of the children and the prevention of youth problems at the secondary school level of the Comprehensive Institute of Occhieppo Inferiore and Pollone through a psychological assistance at free disposal of  the students and even teachers or parents for better coordination and teaching approach.

The work of the Foundation Psychologist has been highly appreciated by all members of the school system with a concrete improvement of communicative relationships between the parties strengthening the effectiveness of the educational activity.

This year, the same project will start also at the following schools of Novara with different methods of implementation depending on the needs of each institution:

– Human Science Institute (ex Magistrale) “C.T. Bellini”
– Comprehensive School “ Rita Levi Montalcini “ (childhood, primary and secondary)
– Industrial Technical Institute Omar


Since September 2016, at the request of the Director of the Comprehensive Institute at Occhieppo Inferiore, we have realized the training course for teachers on managing learning difficulties in Primary and Secondary School with an integrated approach between the most current specialist psychology instruments and the coaching methodology that sees the teacher as a “coach” of talents aimed at enhancing the peculiarities of the individual student.


At the same time, among the objectives of the Foundation there will be fundraising through a series of initiatives and events of cultural interest that can have a positive effect on the Biella area both in terms of  education than of philanthropy, spreading an ethical and supportive culture of “doing well” and “share” in a transparent, essential and effective way.

Our aim is to convey more information and knowledge to parents on the results of the latest scientific researches, stimulating an awareness that gives serenity and confidence in improving the welfare of children involved.

For that purpose, since May 2016, some successful science lectures have been organized to illustrate and raise awareness of innovative therapeutic approaches to treat children suffering from physical and mental illness.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and to the human and professional quality of the members who have agreed to be part of the newly established Scientific Ethics Committee, for the year 2016-2017, it was decided to undertake a new series of lectures with a cultural-scientific character.


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