Some History

Both born April 20 in Novara, Olga in 1922 and Ceva, province of Cuneo, in 1925 Lidia, are soon orphan of mother and father.
Olga is called, one of the first women teachers after the war, to teach drawing in Biella, first at the High School and to the Technical Institute Textiles after, coming to form with professionalism and rigour several generations of textile designers playing an important role in connection with the corporate world.
It’s in Biella that Lidia meets Carlo Deambrosis that she will marry in ’57. He was the owner of a manufacturing company of faucets, founded in 1911 by his father Alfredo Deambrosis.
After 9 years of marriage, marked by a painful abortion, unfortunately Mr Deambrosis dies in ’67 when he was only 49 years old of acute leukaemia. Without any uncertainty, Lidia is at the helm of the company supported by the esteem and trust of her customers and employees who had already had the opportunity to appreciate the great humanity, organizational skills and innovative spirit that led her to be one of the first young Italian women at the top of a company highly specialized in a  traditionally “male” field. Once again, this courageous  lady marked by many painful trials emerges winner by demonstrating strength and determination combined with his femininity, kindness and elegance.
She receives different national awards and in the archive of the Foundation there are many photos of her together with important public figures of the time.

Love for beauty, patronage

The history of this Foundation is an history of love declined in many variables: family love, conjugal love, love for work and for people in general and also love for beauty and culture. Carlo Deambrosis is an educated and curious man, who love to be surrounded by beautiful things and tightens relationships with many painters and sculptors of the time, playing an important role as promoter and patron of several artists who gravitate in those days in Biella. Hence the collection of furniture, paintings and sculptures that ensure that the houses where the two sisters live are defined as houses  museum from friends and admirers.