The Foundation

About Us

On the 6th June 2013, on the initiative of Professor Olga Barruscotto, in order to honour the memory of her sister Lidia by realizing the dream several times expressed by her, the “Foundation Olga and Lidia Barruscotto widow of Carlo Deambrosis Onlus” was set up; it’s a non-profit organisation also namable in a shortened form “Olly Foundation”.

MISSION of the Foundation is pursuing social solidarity initiatives by supporting children and young people with physical, psychic and social disorders and/or general developmental and learning disorders in order to improve the chances of recovery of patients, including through co-therapies that integrate science with a holistic approach aimed at the global welfare of the person.

Furthermore, the Foundation gives particularly attention to the care of children with ADHD syndrome, autism and leukaemia following the will of the founders.

The seriousness and pride in doing their jobs well, the will and the rigour of engaging for the right causes together with the innovative spirit, the love for beauty and for art are the values that are still the pillars to guide the Foundation to the best of its professional competence and expertise.