PROJECTS s.a. 2022-2023: “We are a team that believes in networking to contribute to the positive development of the new generations in the territory.”

PROJECT “Well-being at school”

The project promotes childrens’ and youngs’ “well-being” and to prevent youth discomfort, school dropout and specific learning disorders.

The intent is to improve the strategic collaboration between teachers, students, and families to strengthen the efficacy of the educational action and encourage the “well-being” at school.

Planned activities:
– Free psychological help desk to support middle school students, teachers and parents of any level of school included in the Comprehensive Institute.

– Activities at school: observations of class groups of any order and degree at the request of the teachers and focused activities according to the specific needs of each institute.

– Promotion of the student’s well-being through mindfulness activities within the class group.


CULTURAL PROJECT OF LEGALITY IN SCHOOLS: “Journey through the dates to remember”.

In collaboration with the Order of Lawyers of Biella and with the patronage of the Department of Education of the Municipality of Biella, this project, aimed at primary and lower secondary schools, aims to bring children and young people closer to culture of legality and the rediscovery of the values ​​of knowledge. More and more often, in fact, the little ones are easy prey to the dominant culture of illegality and victims of sometimes misleading messages about the importance of acquiring skills in sectors such as art, literature, science, even if only to form a “personal culture ”. The intent is to propose a real journey through “symbolic” dates recognized at European and world level, which allow the introduction of important topics for the formation of the individual as a citizen of tomorrow, able to interact in society with competence.

PROJECT “Self-conscious use of social media”

The project structured from 3th to 8th grade, to promote self-consciousness and awareness for interaction with others, both in direct relations and in the ones mediated, thanks to the emotional intelligence skills.
The project involves several external experts who face these issues from complementary perspectives, given by their different backgrounds of expertise put in the field.

From the beginning, the teaching team is actively involved by taking part in the class interventions. Along the path, sharing meetings both with teachers and parents are scheduled.

PROJECT “Gruppo Noi” and “Peer education”

Activities of prevention from bullying and cyberbullying in middle school and high school classes. Establishment of a Peer Group which periodically meets to monitor the relationship climate within the school and to intercept situations of discomfort.
By stimulating constructive interactions, it’s possible to reverse from the role of the bully to the role of defender of victims learning and experimenting values like trust, autonomy, responsibility and sense of belonging.


To counteract the early school leaving and to support the development of talents, it is important to choose consciously: we carry out the orienteering activity to the classes of the last year of middle school to help the students to choose a high school more aligned with their personalities through survey and individual interviews.

TEACHERS’ TRAINING Primary school, secondary and high school

New technologies have profoundly modified the education and the stimuli of today’s youth, often catching teachers and parents unprepared by new challenges and behaviors. Thus, teachers’ training needs to be constantly updated with the latest news from the fields of neurosciences (coaching) and of the psycho-pedagogical one.

We plan training courses ad hoc for teachers to align different “teams” and to share goals and challenges of the educational activity more easily and pleasantly.


The collaboration with Accademia Perosi Foundation is going on with pride and satisfaction: for two consecutive years, 2020 and 2021, Olly Foundation has recognized a scholarship to the Caravaggio Quartet, a formation of young and talented musicians who have already distinguished themselves with important awards.

Also in the following years, Olly Foundation will continue to sustain other young students at the prestigeous Accademia Perosi Master, which is recognized as a cultural excellence both nationally and internationally.


In parallel, one of the Foundation’s objectives is the organization of a series of initiatives and cultural events, that can have a positive benefit on Biella’s territory, spreading a virtuous culture of “well-doing” and “sharing”.